B2B Lead Generation And Outbound Campaigns

Qualified meetings with your ideal customers in your email inbox

Why Should You Consider Account Based Outbound Campaign?

Many companies are focused on tactics like  collecting referrals, PPC, SEO, FB Ads, trade shows or content marketing, but they don't have a comprehensive strategy to grow revenues in a scalable, systematic and predictable way.

We know this from speaking with B2B founders and CEOs and for many of them it's very challenging to develop a repeatable sales model, that feels natural to them. Don't get us wrong - we love inbound marketing.

But you can't scale and predict your revenue with inbound marketing. What you really need is a combination of both inbound and outbound sales model.

Cold email is the king - not referrals. Can you scale and predict referrals? We don't think so. But why is cold email the best strategy for outbound sales model? Well, a few years ago it wasn't, but thanks to automation and specific technology, we’re able to scale cold emailing like never before. 

The true beauty of the outbound sales model done right is that after some time we can predict your revenue, which will help you a lot in your ability to scale your business.

You will have more time to develop your business and you can stop worrying about where the next lead is going to come from.

You can run this operation in house, but it's really complicated, when you understand what's necessary to be successful with outbound.

Or you can outsource it to us -  which makes a lot of sense mainly because you just don't have time and resources to do it yourself, you'll save money and nerves and you won’t have to employ anyone.  

Even if you let your sales people prospect themselves, that's not what you're paying them to do right? We can save you much more time, so that you or your sales people can focus on selling and closing deals - not on prospecting.

How It Works

1. Initial Strategic Consultation

Each review starts with a meeting where we spitball  ideas. We'll review your company history, products, value propositions, messaging, strategies, marketing channels, sales process, and  your goals.

We'll have a strategic session looking at the ideas to productize for the first phone call meeting, so that leads that we bring on board, will get added value from the meeting. Then we'll  look at your current lead generation channels and your case studies, to determine where we should focus our efforts. 

In this review we will develop the action plan for the email outreach campaign and we'll share ideas with you to attract buyers.

2. Your Ideal Customer Profile

We'll need approximately 3 weeks to start the campaign, so we'll start with the review where we get to understand your target market by interviewing you and your customers to find out their hidden motivations (triggers), internal and external, that made them buy your product.

We will look at your top clients and figure out the attributes that they have in common, so we can paint a picture of your ideal customer profile and look for similar companies. Then we'll  develop your value proposition, so that it appeals to different tiers of the accounts and different buyer personas.

3. List Building, Verification, Deliverability And CRM

We will build a database for you that you will own. Every outbound campaign starts with fresh lead research. We will identify decision makers and influencers in the selected accounts (enterprise level, mid-size or startups) and find their contact details. We'll then create a highly targeted list of companies for your specific customer profile based on filters such as headcount, revenue, geography, but we also include buying signals like new hiring, funding round and much more. We don’t buy data – we combine software monitoring tools and human work to try to identify a qualified buying signal. We also verify each data point including email address to make sure that 95 % of our emails get through to the inbox.

We will purchase on your behalf a separate shadow domain, and we'll configure for you SPF, DCIM and DMARC records in G-Suite. We will need to warm up your new domain IP in order to fully ramp up, which might take 2-3 weeks. This way we'll make sure that your emails don’t end up in the SPAM box or a promotion tab of your prospects inbox. We will also implement a CRM to manage the outbound campaign.

4. Personalized Email Outreach With Calendar Invites

We'll have a kick-off meeting, where we'll establish the person from your company that will be in touch with us  throughout the campaign and we'll look at the goals for the campaign moving into the first month of engagement.

We will prepare hand-written emails for your campaign and since most of the replies happens in the follow up email sequence, we'll also prepare these emails for you. Each email is tailored and customized for the specific person and the account, however we use automation to provide us with a leverage and scale. With enterprise leads we will leverage internal referrals in the company - prospecting the C-level and VP level for the right point of contact. If we however know who the decision maker is, we will directly approach him/her.

As soon as they agree to meet with us we'll book a specific time with the prospect, we'll forward you the calendar invite. We will make sure that they show up for the appointment with you as well. This is you discovery call not a demo call.

Each week we'll send you an email copy as well as the lead list for the approval. We'll also make sure to not contact your current customers by adding their domain names into the blacklist and they will not be contacted by us.

5. LinkedIn Optimization And Strategy

LinkedIn is a great way to increase responses from your target market. We don't send out Inmails or messages and try to pitch your buyers to meet with you.

We use LinkedIn to view profiles of people that receive our emails. When people receive a notification, they will check out who viewed their profile. We noticed that this activity affects response rate.

We will optimize your headline and your overall profile to attract connection requests from the right type
of leads. We'd also love to leverage your second degree connections on LinkedIn in the email copy. We can bring additional flow of leads and increase responses, sometimes up to 30 % - that's the difference
between viewing their profile or just sending cold emails.

6. Split Testing With Data & Analytics

In the first weeks, we will constantly try to improve the positive response rate, so we’ll optimize your campaign and split test everything from the subject line, value proposition to the call to action. After the first month we should be ready to scale up. We want to do outbound right and that takes time and that’s why we seek 6 month engagements, where we can provide a solid ROI for our clients. 

In addition to leads, we'll give you market intelligence and insights about your ideal customer true pain points, motivation and messages that resonate with them, so that you can use the messaging in your marketing efforts elsewhere. If you didn’t know your market before, you will now. You’ll learn what doubts people have about your product, other competitors in the market you may have never heard of, and if your offer really meets the needs of the customer.

Each week you'll also receive a detailed report about the performance of your campaign. It will include details such as open rates, reply rates, interested rates and much more.

7. Sales Coaching, Training And Consultation

We want to make sure that you will be successful with the leads that we bring you later on in your sales process. Sales coaching is the missing piece in most sales organisations to improve the performance of sellers. We'll identify the gap in their performance by looking at your sales process and find out where are your sellers getting stuck.

We'll offer help in qualifying leads, moving them through the sales process to close more deals faster. We'll define and break down each phase of the sales process, which helps everyone understand the important sales benchmarks.

You can expect weekly calls with your sellers about their sales calls and video calls, tools to properly identify and qualify real buyers and so spend more time closing deals (faster) and less time chasing non-buyers, scripts for calls, role playing and much more. 


Lead Package

150 Leads


  • check
    Custom data
  • check
  • check
    Lead research
  • check
  • check
    Targeted and pre-qualified

Starter Campaign

Minimum 6 month commitment

  • check
    Ideal customer profile
  • check
    Deliverability and optimization
  • check
    Lead research
  • check
    Data enrichment/ Custom data
  • check
    Email verification

  • check
    A/B Testing
  • check
  • check
    4-5 email follow ups
  • check
    Data & Analytics

Premium Campaign

Minimum 6 month commitment

  • check
    Ideal customer profile
  • check
    Deliverability and optimization
  • check
    Lead research
  • check
    Data enrichment/ Custom data
  • check
    Email verification

  • check
    A/B Testing
  • check
    Sales Coaching
  • check
    LinkedIn Optimization
  • check
  • check
    4-5 email follow ups
  • check
    Data & Analytics

Our Clients

Jan salat​​​​

CEO, Verve

"We were able to ​get 5 new clients in just 2 months, since we started working with In Sales Academy. These new clients are now generating over 5 figures monthly for us. Thank you!"

roman vozenilek

CEO, El Toro

"In 2 months we closed a major deal that paid for the investment and  since then we were ROI positive. Due to a longer sales cycle, we're still in negotiations with dozens of corporate buyers  that would never reach out to us, if it wasn't for In Sales Academy."

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Why is your cold email different than others?

There are tons of companies reselling lists of leads on the internet. These lists are often inaccurate (up to 30-40 %) and emails are often incorrect.  Companies that buy these lists are not concerned about the quality of the leads but quantity, because they want to send them mass emails and SPAM them. This is not how we do the lead research, and we definitely don't believe in SPAM and mass emailing unqualified leads - if this is how you do your outbound sales than you should book a consultation with us, so we can help you out.

We don’t do spray and pray type of campaigns. We know exactly who we’re going after, what their problems are and what is the type of value they want, so we can customize our messaging towards them. Automation can’t get you everywhere, but it can scale your email efforts. We bring value to each recipient of our email, we respect the opt-out and we protect your brand image and reputation.

Is cold email outreach legal?

It absolutely is. We’re not outreaching to the personal emails, but business emails. We also make sure we’re compliant with all  the SPAM laws (CAN-SPAM in U.S., GDPR in EU), and that we follow the legal guidelines.

Why don't you offer pay per lead model?

This model is bad, because it motivates your outsourced company, to just pump out appointments for you, regardless of the quality, which usually goes down over time. 

We really want a great ROI for you and that's why we offer more comprehensive services that include sales coaching, LinkedIn training and more.

What results can I expect?

On average we guarantee  7-10 leads per month, but only if you have a proven sales process and a somebody who can close deals.

Perhaps you tried cold email and it didn't work for you, because you didn't have a great sales process. That's why we don't work with companies in the early stage of their business.

Do you have any data protection in place?

No data is reused or shared with third parties. The research that we do for you can't be reused for any of our other clients. We always include the ability to opt-out from our emails and if someone doesn't want our emails anymore, we respect it and we stop the outreach.

What do you include in a lead?

We include all the basic information of a lead including name, email, company, job title, social media accounts, and many more. We also have custom filtering for specific information you might require.

Is this right for my business?

No, if you aren’t a stable business, or if you don’t have a product that someone bought in the past. It’s also not for you if you only want to pay commission on sales, since we have fixed costs, employees and seek long term partnerships that deliver a high ROI, which does take time.

Here are some other conditions: 

- You’re in B2B

- You sell high-value product or service

- You have a proven sales process or a sales team 

- You have some references

- You have up to date website

- You have at least 10 paying customers

 - You’re looking to grow

- You have at least 1.000 -5000 potential customers worldwide

Can you help me find emails for the leads I already have?

Yes! If you have a list of names, or just Twitter handles we can help you research into those leads and find their contact information as well as any other information you might want. 

What type of contacts do you target?

This really depends on your business and the information you provide us with. We try to aim for the key decision makers within organizations (CEO, CFO, Founders, VP's, directors but sometimes even managers - depending on the stage of the company.

What is lead research and custom data?

Lead research and custom data analysis is a process of researching a list of leads. We can provide you with additional information about leads such as: contact information, employee satisfaction, technology used by their company - payment getaways, plugins, CRM - and much more.

When can you start?

After we sign a contract, it takes about 2-3 weeks to warm up your new domain, do customer interviews, prepare email copy, set up the systems and have initial review with you. After that, we're ready to start the outreach.

Do you run campaigns in different languages than English?

We have experience with 3 languages including English, so If you’d like to find out more, contact us and we’ll figure out if it would make sense to run the campaign in the language of your choice.

What if I'm not satisfied with the quality of leads?

We double check every information during a process of building your list. Emails are verified as well. However if you feel like your lead list is not up to your standards, let us know with the valid reason and we'll prepare new batch of leads for you. We reserve 10 % inaccuracy due to the circumstances we can't control (a prospect left their company, during the handover of leads to you), however until this point, we never had a cancellation or refund. 

Is there a minimum contract period?

Yes there is. It’s typically a 6-month commitment to deliver massive ROI. This is not a good fit, if you just want to try us out for a month.

Where are you located?

We’re a nomadic company, however the HQ is in the heart of Europe - Prague, Czech Republic.

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